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Waste Water Plant Superintendent

We are a small municipal system selling some potable water and performing some wastewater treatment to portions of neighboring counties. After a new installation following Hurricane Floyd, there were complaints about bills being higher than the historical costs. We contacted DSE who immediately noticed that the flume had been incorrectly identified and therefore was causing the flowmeter to be programmed incorrectly.
Eventually the City decided to have a new system designed. Fortunately for us, Delta Systems Environmental was a vendor for both the metering manhole and the flowmeter and were present during the installation process. Our entire new system has performed flawlessly since its installation.
Due to their wealth of knowledge, I would highly recommend DSE to any utility or municipality that needs assistance with flow measurement, annual calibrations, installations, or any other technical requirement.

Mr D.C.  |  Location: Franklin VA


Water Treatment Plant Superintendent

Delta Systems Environmental LLC sold and installed 2 new flow meters at our water plant. One on our raw water flow and one on our finish water flow. They did a really good  job at a really good price all with quality workmanship. After installation of the new meters we noticed better flow numbers than what we were getting with our old Venturis.
The new Siemens magnetic meters read within 1% of each whereas the Venturis were 12 % or more off from each other.  These Siemens units are great and I think they’ll continue to service Warrenton for years to come.

Mr G. C.  |  Location: Warrenton VA

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